CodeNuance is an exploratory online code search tool that explicitly takes into account the following two characteristics of online code:

    1) Many pieces of online code are largely similar but subtly different;

    2) Several pieces of code may form complex relations through their differences.

    It uses clone detection and code differencing techniques to analyze both commonalities and differences among the methods in the search results. It then produces an exploration graph that visualizes the method differences and the relationships of methods through their differences.

    CodeNuance Video Demo:

    The 100 code search tasks used in our experimental study and the detailed results are listed below.


    The 100 code search tasks created based on Stack Overflow questions

    code search tasks.xlsx

    Comparison of Result Examination Effort (RQ1)


    Clone Analysis Results (RQ1)


    Code Search Tasks used in the User Study for RQ2 (TaskID in codeSearchTasks.xlsx):

    10, 28, 14, 28, 17, 40, 65, 80, 66, 60, 56

    Code Search Performance (RQ2)

​    codeSearchPerformance_RQ2.xlsx

    Code Search Tasks used in the User Study for RQ3 (TaskID in codeSearchTasks.xlsx):


    Preferred Edge Reduction (RQ3)


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